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How to make your Superbowl party Super!


My friend is in a poker group, and her coach enforces stringent rules of play, which extend beyond the game. There is no background music, everyone wears a vest and has a nickname, and the food must be simple. It’s a small group, meeting at each member’s home in rotation.   The monthly host is responsible for food and drink and a bottle of the coach’s favorite whiskey and that’s it. Coach is clear this is not a competition for hostess with the mostest. Under no circumstance will there be hors d’oeuvres, artisanal cheese or truffles. Fare typically includes pizza, sandwiches, chips and chocolate chip cookies.

 Any good Super Bowl party will follow these same rules. It is the 2nd biggest day of American gorging after Thanksgiving, a day that sees 6% of the working population call in sick the following Monday and causes a spike in antacid sales. While Thanksgiving is a multi-day preparation of home cooked traditional food and a beautifully decorated table, the Super Bowl smorgasbord has roots similar to the poker game. Serve small cut sandwiches, chips and a 7 layer dip and have a 3 bean chili on the stove.

 For the perfect, easy dessert tray, let me do the work. Create a mix of Choco Chunk, macaroons, Quik Fix and …… Order by Wednesday, Feb. 3rd for pre-game arrival.


Choco Chunk Cookies - Do you eat Chocolate Chip cookies for breakfast? We don't either, so these cookies will be gone Super Bowl party night so you don't have to worry about clean up in the morning.

Coconut Macaroons - All we can say is toasted coconut, chewy and believe it or not - gluten free, but they still taste great.

Quick Fix - Quick Fix. Just order it by name. 

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