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Andrea Green

Connecticut Cookie Company LLC began one evening in 2010 as an idea while I was commuting home to Connecticut from New York City. I have been in the fashion industry for over sixteen years designing for Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Abercrombie and Club Monaco. Even with a job as a Designer, I took great creative pleasure in baking for the office and friends. I would bake anything from cookies to cupcakes to gluten free treats using family and friends as guinea pigs.

As a kid in the suburbs of Cincinnati, I was more interested in decorating cookies than baking them.  As I grew up, my joy of baking became the art of baking, distinguished by an ability to improve a recipe by varying ingredients ultimately leading to creating my own recipes. One tweak that I make to every recipe is to use vanilla from my Grandma's hometown in Indiana. I remember neighborhood moms raving about this special vanilla
and the homemade flavor it adds.

There are few locally owned bakeries in our town, but several chain stores. What is special about buying machine-made, flavorless treats in a fast food environment? This is where the term “cookie cutter” went from charming to ordinary. I am full of warm, scented memories of my visits to the local bakery and candy store in Grandma’s hometown where everything was homemade. I want the same experience for my own daughter. These simple, special places are with you forever, if you are lucky enough to have one to visit.

At Connecticut Cookie Company LLC we make every single cookie and treat from scratch, using the best ingredients. Whatever the occasion, we will bring hometown goodness to your door.


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