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And Father's Day approaches

Dad 1965

Have you seen the Make Your Own Knife kit?   Perfect. A gift Dad can add to the pile of unopened, unused gifts received each year on his day to be spoiled.

 I’ve gotten my dad personalized golf balls – most lost, unretrievable in the shrubbery bordering his favorite course. An avid gardener, I thought I hit the veritable nail on the head with Blackboard Garden Labels that come with a wax pencil to write on. I sent 4 sets of 10. Turns out the constant gardener doesn’t need labels: he knows exactly what is what and where. Eventually, these were re-gifted back to me and I use them because they are cute, not because they are necessary tools.

 Sending a project turns out to be the worst idea. Getting a Make-Your-Own Hot Sauce/ Pipe/ Kite/ Beer/ Taxidermy Roadkill/ Self-Cleaning Robotic Mini-Telescope Kit creates an unwanted item on a to-do list. And if your father is retired, the last thing he wants is a project someone else decides he should do.

 Take one guess what my dad LOVES to get for Father’s Day? Cookies! True story. I send enough for him to proudly share at his morning coffee outing, an excuse for him to launch into stories about how great his kids are. But he’s not stupid, and stashes a box for just himself, as he should on the Day of Dads. Bingo.

Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th.

Order Dad cookies by June 15th go to: CTCOCO.com.

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