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Baking and decorating tips: Royal Icing

Royal Icing baking and saving tips:

• Save yourself some money and buy pasteurized eggs whites to make royal icing rather than dry meringue powder.  Savings can be up to $12! 

• Be sure to sift powdered sugar for royal icing to prevent lumps in icing. 

• Buy quality food coloring if you decorate a lot of cookies throughout the year. A little bit goes a long way with quality food dye. 

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We hope to see you at the Sun, Wine and Food Fest at Mohegan Sun!

We hope to see you at Mohegan Sun January 26th and 27th for some of CT Cookie's yummy treats ranging from:

• Edible chocolate chip cookie dough (the perfect treat for the bourbon tasting)

• Quick Fix® brittle: almond toffee brittle, Belgian dark chocolate, sea salt with graham cracker

• CT Cookie's pure vanilla extract - 75+ year old recipe! 

See you soon for the Grand Tasting event!

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